The technology for cutting metal.

We control four different cutting technologies to meet the specifications and requirements of manufactured products. We cut laser, plasma high definition, flame cutting and shearing. Each of them have their advantages and …


Bending, a process making EPP Metal renowned

We know what makes the difference during production when the time comes to assemble bent parts. The precision and consistency of bending is attained when synergy is perfect between the operator’s expertise and the equipment’s capacity. We operate three numerically controlled press brakes to bend your metal products. Two of these have characteristics uncommon in the province Québec.


 EPP Metal welds steel, aluminum and stainless steel

Our 5,000 sq.ft. department is dedicated to mechanically-welded assembly, manual or robotic, for steel, aluminum and stainless steel, using processes such as MIG, TIG and RWS (spot welder). Thanks to our qualified staff, EPP Metal is certified CSA standard W47.1 of CWB.



30 years of expertise in stamping of coiled metal

Thanks to our experience in stamping metal parts, we offer all the technical support for the developments of tools needed for the production of metal products. The diversity of our equipment allows us to produce all types of parts.

Mechanical Assembly

Final assembly

Have a completed final product ready to be incorporated.
- Mechanical assembly
- Insert fitting
- Hardware installation
- Special preparation

Associated Services

A worry-free turnkey service thanks to EPP Metal

With the aim of becoming your only sub-contractor of metal parts, we provide turnkey service. This means that we take charge of the various processes in surface finishing on an outsourced basis.