Customer Service

EPP Metal offers a wide range of services to make your life easier. 

Technical Engineering Support
Your engineering staff will have at its disposal our expertise in manufacturing metal parts to design metal products suitable for production.

Automatic Order Confirmation
Our order processing necessarily entails confirmation of the price and delivery times for each order.

Product Re-engineering Service    
Our technicians offer technical solutions to improve your productivity; you thereby save time and money.

Blanket Order or Kanban-Type Order Management
Using our ERP system, we manage all types of orders for metal products.

Raw Material Inventory Management
For certain types of mandates, when materials are provided by the customer, we can manage the inventory on your behalf while keeping you informed.

Shipping Management
We contact your transport provider to plan the pick-up of the orders ready to be shipped.

Personalized Report
To help you with the management of your purchases, we can provide reports tailored to your needs (inventory of finished goods/parts, purchase order status, purchase order history, etc.).
Documentation Service

We provide all necessary documents for
• Quality (Certificate of compliance, inspection report)
• Exportation (Certificate of origin, transportation)
When required, we prepare documentation related to quality and exportation.

Consignment Service
Avoid recycling costs by opting for the consignment of packaging products frequently used (pallet, crate, rack, etc.).

Estimates and Proposals
Our experienced technicians establish the pricing on our estimates and proposals using product engineering software.