Bending, a process making EPP Metal renowned

We know what makes the difference during production when the time comes to assemble bent parts. The precision and consistency of bending is attained when synergy is perfect between the operator’s expertise and the equipment’s capacity. We operate three numerically controlled press brakes to bend your metal products. Two of these have characteristics uncommon in the province Québec.

CNC Press Brake

  • Capacity 220T; table 13′; 6 axes CNC
  • Capacity 175T; table 12′; 3 axes CNC
  • Capacity 100T; table 10′; 6 axes CNC

Maximum Bending Capacity by Thickness:

Material Thickness Maximum length of bending
Steel 5/8″ 2′
Steel 1/2″ 4′
Steel 3/8″ 8′
Steel 1/4″ 10′
Steel 1/8″ 13′
For reference only.