EPP Metal welds steel, aluminum and stainless steel

Our 5,000 sq.ft. department is dedicated to mechanically-welded assembly, manual or robotic, for steel, aluminum and stainless steel, using processes such as MIG, TIG and RWS (spot welder). Thanks to our qualified staff, EPP Metal is certified CSA standard W47.1 of CWB.

  • GMAW from 300 – 350A
  • FCAW from 300 – 350A
  • MCAW from 300 – 350ACWB_Certification
  • GTAW 275A
  • RSW (spot welder) 150KVA

Motoman SK16X 350A Welding Robot

EPP Métal Inc.

2077, avenue Méthot C.P. 35, Plessisville (Québec) Canada
G6L 2Y6
Téléphone : 819 362-8668
Télécopieur : 819 362-8570
Courriel : info@eppmetal.com